Mastermind Sessions
Dolf's extensive business network and related travels make him ideally positioned to mentor you individually or as part of a mastermind group of like-minded entrepreneurs, from which participants benefit from interactions amongst the group along with Dolf's on-going guidance.
The Lake Como Experience

The Lake Como Experience is the pinnacle of all our events - propelling participants to a whole new level in many facets of their lives. This is a no-holds-barred event where walls are torn down, fears are confronted, new possibilities are explored, and you are given tools to reach your aspirations. Masterminding occurs in collaboration with other participants to build the foundation for your greatest achievements to come.


Welcome to the Dolf de Roos’ website.  Many people are familiar with Dolf through his prolific work in the realm of real estate investing – he has taught in over 25 countries, and has written 15 books on real estate including the New York Times bestseller Real Estate Riches. However, Dolf has also been prolific in other areas business including Technology Transfer, taking companies global, mentoring business people seeking to go to the next level, and running his premiere events on the shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy. Use this website to explore any of these endeavors



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